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A word from Paul...

Slainte! And welcome to the official online store of In The Heather, Scottish Heritage Jewellery.

I have a long history as a jewellery maker, artist and maker, beginning in 2015 where I first discovered my passion for working with silver, gold and gemstones. In The Heather was founded out of a deep need in me to bring a more unique, authentic and heritage based jewellery brand to the Scottish market. I found myself growing fed up of trying to source Scottish gifts for loved ones from the exact same companies who had tired ranges that I couldn't connect with and I didn't necessarily follow their ethics either. I knew that I could make an exceptional product that would last a lifetime AND made perfect sense to me.

I knew that Scotland had so much more to offer and that our wonderful birds, animals, insects and plants were being overlooked in the Scottish market and I always wondered - why? This is what makes us unique. I never wanted to overlook the other creatures we share Scotland with and I wanted my love for the Highland landscape, in particular, the heather to shine through. 

In June of 2023 we opened our first flagship store here in Glasgow and we plan for it to be the first of many. I want to thank you whole heartedly for joining us in our journey and for supporting In The Heather. I couldn't do what I do without you and sharing our love of Scotland together.

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